Cross License Foundation Founders’ Worksheet

Version 1.0.0-pre.1

Last Updated: {date}


Founders of new cross license foundations should fill out and date this worksheet, then publish it, along with the Cross License Foundation Agreement, where potential contributors can find and read them.

Communication System

What system will contributors use to communicate? The system must be global, free or low-cost, high-speed, and electronic. In the vast majority of cases, this should be "e-mail".

License Criteria

What criteria must new license terms for the project meet? For example:

The new license terms must grant licenses to the public as a whole, or to anyone who receives a copy of the project.

The new license must be completely free of any license fee, royalty, or other charge.

The new license must be a new version of {specific license} published by {license steward} or its legal successor.

The new license must appear on the {list} published by {organization} or its legal successor.